Appearance bullying: How to protect yourself and your loved ones from name-calling and other hurtful behavior

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WEBINAR: Appearance bullying: How to protect yourself and your loved ones from name-calling and DATE/TIME: Thursday, March 22, 2018 from 8-9pm Central European Time
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The inspiration for this webinar came from the following story:

“I have a rare genetic condition which makes me have very unique features and a very different face from what is labeled as “normal”.

I usually get a lot of unwanted attention. People stare at me and laugh and sometimes make rude comments. I was bullied as a kid and teenager and I was called names all the time. I have developed general anxiety disorder and PTSD symptoms because of that.

Now, I am 37 years old, and I have a child with the same condition. Yesterday we were in the park and a 5 year old girl came to us and said that I was very ugly and looked like a witch. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say… I am looking for resources on how to deal with things like that.

I also fear for my son, I know he will be teased and leave out because of his condition. Do you have any resources on how to deal with that? What should I teach him?”

This webinar is in response to the request of this courageous mother. Topics to be addressed will include:
– Understanding the fear of differences that leads to prejudice
– Resisting Internalized oppression
– Eight emotional safety techniques to protect your feelings from hurtful words and behavior
– Setting boundaries with people you know
– How to protect your children
– Assertive Advocacy for yourself and others
– Changing attitudes through bridges of understanding

Your experience is important! Submit your questions for the webinar today. Send us your questions/stories for the webinar to We’ll share those with the speakers from Kidpower before the webinar.

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