Use Followerwonk to find other rare disease patients

We would like to introduce you a new tool we’ve started using on RareConnect. It’s called Followerwonk.

Followerwonk offers different features and some of them quite advanced, like compare your Twitter followers, analyze their influence, see the most active hours of your followers, where they come from, etc.

The feature we found more interesting is the “Search Bios” one.
We use it all the time to search patients or families who would be interested in joining one of our online communities.

It’s very easy to use. You don’t need to sign in to use this Bio Search, but if you do you can get a deeper analysis of your Twitter account.

1. Go to the 1st tab Search Twitter Bios:
2. Just write down the name of the disease you want to search and click “Do it”.

Then, you’ll see a results list ordered by relevance where the word you searched appears in their bio.

What else information you can see on this list?

For example, you can see if you are following this account or if they follow you.
You can also sort all the results by number of tweets, number of followers, grade of influence, etc.

We believe this tool is very useful for small communities of rare disease patients or for ultra-rare diseases when only a few cases all over the world exist. Use it as a complementary tool to find more patients who don’t know you or your patient organization.

Do you want more information about Followerwonk on how to use it? Email us and we’ll be glad to show you.
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