Rare Disease Awareness Days

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This list of awareness days for different rare diseases has been gathered from EURORDIS members and RareConnect followers over the past few months. If we missed your date, please go to the Form at the bottom of this page to add your date. If you are just starting an awareness day for your disease, make sure to work together with other countries to increase the impact of your efforts. Also, try to select a date where you will stand out.


Add your rare disease awareness date to the list. It may take a few days to appear.
ES: Añade tu fecha en la lista. Puede tardar unos cuantos días en aparecer.
PT: Adicione sua data de conscientização para a lista. Pode demorar alguns dias para aparecer.
IT: Aggiungi la tua data di consapevolezza alla lista. Potrebbero essere necessari alcuni giorni per comparire.
FR: Ajouter votre date de sensibilisation à la liste. Cela peut prendre quelques jours à apparaître.
DE: Fügen Sie Ihr Bewusstsein Datum auf der Liste. Es kann ein paar Tage dauern, zu erscheinen.


Looking to raise awareness about your rare disease and connect with others around the world? Start a Discussion about your disease on RareConnect and we will promote your post on social media.


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