Get your rare disease patient association’s Facebook page more “likes”

by Robert Pleticha

Rare disease patient groups use Facebook for a variety of reasons including establishing a communication channel with their members and ensuring quality information about the disease is shared on social media.

We all want to reach a large audience on Facebook and to ensure that when someone is searching on Facebook for the disease, that our page comes up in the search results.

But how to get more “likes” or Followers of your Facebook page? A bit of self-promotion never hurts.

Try asking your current Followers to share your page. Chances are they have some people in their Friends list that are interested in learning more about the disease, or may even have the disease themselves.

1. Go to your Association’s Facebook page.

2. Create a new status update that shares the link to your page:


3. After the preview image appears for your page, erase the URL in your status update. Nobody likes looking at

4. Make sure you give a convincing reason to follow your page, include what kinds of topics you make posts about. End the update with a nice sentence like: “Please “like” our page and show your support for people living with Prader Willi syndrome.”

5. Don’t do this every week, but once a month could be okay. Or when you are close to big “like” milestones like 500, 1000, 1 million followers.

Here is a great example from the NOMID Alliance:


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